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Removable Pool Fences Are NOT All Created Equal.

Watch these children bounce off our fence's unbreakable fiberglass posts versus trying the same with a competing fence with aluminum fence posts. We think you'll be just as shocked as their mom!

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Why Are So Many New England Families Choosing Protect-A-Child to Secure Their Pool?

We did a lot of research before choosing Protect-A-Child as our pool fence provider. Over the last 15 years, this quality fence has proven itself time and time again to provide parents and grandparents with peace of mind. There is nothing quite like seeing the worry and anxiety  wash away once the fence is installed. These families are not only comforted by the safety benefits our product provides, but also thrilled—and often surprised—by how attractive it looks.

  • Strong, Durable Fiberglass Posts — Our unbreakable support posts are by far the strongest posts on the market. In addition to strength, our fiberglass posts are designed to be heat-resistant and non-conductive, and will never corrode from salt water, unlike aluminum posts.
  • Additional Layers of Safety — These patented feature upgrades include our point-lock secure latches for locking the fence pieces together, and our twist-lock option, which allows you to secure your support posts into the patio, preventing children from removing the fence.
  • Lifetime Warranty — We feel so confident in the strength and durability of our fence that we include a lifetime warranty to never break or become bent or crooked. Only offered by Protect-A-Child!
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA — Protect-A-Child pool fencing is manufactured in-house in South Florida to ensure we provide families with a top-quality constructed and assembled product for long-lasting safety and support.
  • Over 30 Years of Proven Safety — Protect-A-Child has been keeping children and pets safe around the pool since 1984, so you can feel peace of mind about the product and support you receive.

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My Pool Fence Photos

We are honored to be invited into homes throughout New England, keeping children and pets safe around backyard swimming pools. Visit our gallery to see some of our stylish pool fence installations. And remember, our fence is 100% removable, so you can take down your fence in minutes to open up the patio area.

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Customer Reviews

“Jeff is a great guy! I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Also, he had our pool fence installed in a few hours. Fence is great and easy to use. Having a pool and a baby lends to pretty constant worry, but now I can turn my back for 2 seconds.”

– Mary B. (East Watertown, MA)

“Super job. On time. Very knowledgeable. Looks great. Very happy. Highly recommend. Especially impressed with the fiberglass poles and quality of mesh in this fence. “

– Bob S. (Feeding Hills, MA)

“[Protect-A-Child] installed a fence around the perimeter of our pool. It was done very quickly and affordably, seems super-secure, and looks much better than we thought it would. We were really impressed with the job and the friendly, accommodating way in which it was done.”

– Nick (Berkshires, MA)