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Shrubs are not an effective replacement for a pool fence.

When this family purchased their home, it already had an existing Protect-A-Child pool safety fence. However, the fence only had three sides, with the fourth side now only consisting of a line of short shrubs. This quickly proved dangerous, as their little girl was able to gain access to the pool in the spaces between the fence and the shrubs. Realizing they had to secure their pool, and quick, they reached out to us to find a solution that would safeguard their daughter and give them some peace of mind at their new home.

Initially, the customer requested that we simply extend the fence further into the fourth side to merge deeper into the shrubs, making access more of a challenge for their daughter. However, we knew this would not guarantee their daughter’s safety around the pool. So, we explained why this approach was risky, and detailed best practices for optimal pool safety. Ultimately, they agreed.

We estimated the original pool safety fence to be around 15–20 years old, based on the weathered deck sleeves holding the fence posts in place. It was fantastic to see how well the Protect-A-Child fence had held up over such a long period of time. Much to the family’s delight, we were able to reuse and restore the old pool fence, which helped to keep project costs down.

We left the family’s home that day feeling great about the peace of mind they now had for their new home and backyard. We were also thrilled to see another Protect-A-Child pool safety fence stand up to the test of time!

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