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Adjoining beach path and dock motivated homeowners.

Living beachfront has its benefits, from the amazing scenery and therapeutic ocean sounds to the quick access to the water, but there are also drawbacks. Living oceanside also means dealing with extreme weather and corrosive salt, as well as having to be tolerant of public beachgoers. Unfortunately, having a home home with a pool right off of a beach pathway is a liability to the homeowners, regardless of privacy notices. Without a pool fence, this Nantucket homeowner was vulnerable to accidents where the pool was concerned.

Initially unaware of the exposure to risk, the homeowner did not consider a pool fence. It was the architect of this family estate that reached out to us after the building inspector insisted they have a pool safety barrier installed. The homeowner was not thrilled about the idea, as they did not want to obstruct their spectacular pool and ocean view. They required the fence to conform to the shape of their pool, and they wanted a pool fence they could remove for parties .

Protect-A-Child provided the perfect solution for this kid-free home. Not only is our fence removable, it is transparent, leaving the view unobstructed. Additionally, our fiberglass fence posts also make it well-suited to resist salt corrosion and withstand strong winds common in this location. Due to the high humidity in seacoast areas, our fences’ vinyl-coated, mold-resistant, polyester mesh was an added bonus.

The homeowner was pleased with their customized fence design, their unobstructed view and the added layer of protection. And we were thrilled to leave this project with happy pool fence customers and pool now secured for neighbors or visitors with small children.

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