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Distractions and drownings only take seconds.

It is very common for parents and grandparents to proactively seek out a pool fence when they put in a new pool or move into new home with a pool. Unfortunately, this client, like so many other pool owners, had to experience the scare of a lifetime to encourage the purchase of their pool fence. The family’s father shared with us that he had called for an estimate the previous pool season, but ultimately decided against the fence, stating they were diligent around the pool, and always watched their child.

The father called us in a panic.

He needed a fence installed as soon as possible. He told us that earlier that day, he had been cleaning his swimming pool with his little helper, his son, by his side. Suddenly, he turned around to check on his son and discovered that he was not there! The dad swung around to scan the pool. It was in that instant, as he scooped his son from the water, that he realized just how critical a pool fence is for his family.

We were at our peak busy time of the year, but we were able to make his fence installation a top priority. Sadly, stories like these are very common, and as parents ourselves, we understand the urgency these parents feel in situations like this. We pride ourselves in the peace of mind our Protect-A-Child pool fence provides these families. This is one of the reasons we continue to receive such great pool fencing reviews from New England parents and grandparents.

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Project #01

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